Oral History

Patricia Tolley

Patricia Tolley – On living in the new community of Richland, Washington.

Patricia Tolley lived in Richland.  She moved here from Tucson Arizona.

She talks about how workers didn’t talk about their work.

The Urine Test bottle was the symbol that told them that something might be dangerous .  She describes living in Richland.

The ways the government made it good to stay.

She talks about learning Braille & playing croquet.

She was a homemaker – very few women had jobs it was the way of life.

Lewis Tolley

Lewis Tolley

On his work as a Chemist 1951 -1956

Lewis was a lab worker

He worked preparing plutonium Metal.

He had patents – published reports on separation of plutonium.

George Greg Gregor

Greg grew up in Nebraska and went to University on the G. I Bill.

A friend told him that Hanford was hiring radiation monitors.

He has no idea what that was but left Nebraska and came to Hanford in 1951.

Learn about his working life and living in Richland.

Roland Harvey

Roland Harvey – Worked at Hanford

Hear his fascinating story about his working life.

Roland Harvey originally worked for General Electric Co in New York .

While working for GE he transferred to the Tri-Cities in 1953.

At that time he was a Radiological Instrumentation Manager until 1958 when he became Manager
of Systems Analysis until 1964.  At that time, he transferred to Battelle Northwest Laboratories
(still in Systems Analysis) until 1970. He then was employed by Westinghouse Hanford for the Fast
Flux Test Facility startup from 1970 to 1980. In 1980 through 1984 Roland conducted special
analyses and consultation for lathe control systems, pressurization control and linear accelerator failure

He taught classes in Electrical Engineering for feedback control systems.  He earned a BSEE degree
from Oregon State College and was elected to five honorary societies.