An exhibition on early life in the Columbia Valley; complete with pioneer storefronts, the exhibit boasts several unique antiques, tools of the trade and shocking authentic advertising. Come see the Harness Makers Shop, the Richland Irrigated Lands Company and the Hat Shop with unique Victorian fashions!

Also included is information about Lewis & Clark and what CREHST staff refers to as the Lloyd Wiehl paintings.  These paintings are the artwork of nationally known artist and illustrator Don Crook and were commissioned by Judge Wiehl.  “I have fond memories of my life in this area.  The paintings portray a rich and eventful heritage of the Hanford Reach and are based on recorded events and photos.” Judge Wiehl

This exhibition will show now until June.


NOISE! features exhibits on sound, music and hearing, this exhibit is sure to knock your socks off!   Creating experiences from the “can you hear me now” Scream Chamber to the “good vibrations” of the Dancing Sand Plates, the exhibits take a playful look at the physics of sound waves as well as how music and sound affects our mood.